Qur’an and Science: Where Did They Meet? (1)


Qur’an and Science: Where Did They Meet? (1)

Qur'an and Science: Where Did They Meet? (1)


Qur’an and Science: Where Did They Meet? (1)

We received a question from one of the readers, who wanted to know the relationship between the understanding of modern scientists on the subject of science, and the explanation of some scientific facts made by the Holy Qur’an. Where did they meet and where did they separate? This is the first thing we will be writing about this week, God willing. Enjoy reading.Ask”Abban Sadiq, it is said that modern scientists have confirmed some of the great sciences of the Qur’an. Which ones? ” – Khaleel Nasir Kuriya, Kiru, Kano (GZG ***): 070691916 ***



Mr. Khaleel Nasir we are very grateful for this very important question, and God bless. The answer to this question as a whole requires long-term research containing evidence from the Qur’an and modern books. Because it is a matter of education.


But we will do our best, from this week to the next few weeks, to see that we have touched a little bit on the various kinds of research that modern scientists have done and confirmed, that fit what God has said, a thousand years. one hundred and thirty and two years ago. Some confirm what the Qur’an says directly, with submission. Some of them deviate in their speech. Their only point is that their research and its relevance to the Qur’an is astonishing, and should not be taken lightly. However, before we start with these kinds of research and ideas, it is important for the reader to understand some of the important points about the Qur’anic method of proving the truth, and the method of the scientists in their own research.


The Structure

The Qur’an’s Structure for the Proof of Knowledge Anyone who is accustomed to reading the Holy Qur’an, and understands the message it is trying to convey to its reader, will find that it is a book that seeks to guide the reader in simple ways, which the reader can follow in order to be guided.


It is a book of knowledge that only God knows how many. It is a book with a beautiful style of reading and reading. The main methods used by the Qur’an to prove scientific reasons include sight, sight, study or thought, and touch. Other methods include digging, or digging (to see how things are), climbing, and descending, especially on the subject of space and other planets that are neighboring to us. For anyone who follows these paths, he can understand the secrets of the creation of the heavens and the earth and the stars and the moon and the sun and the earth and the fog and the rain and the wind and the cold and the heat and the biological and animal systems, etc.



Other things that God has spread in our world.Whatever the scientist reads or studies, the Qur’an touches on it, challenges it to look, think, or perceive, and so on. challenge. If he chooses not to believe, he will confirm the truth of what he has been taught. But once he understands the truth, then the proof is clear for him or for him.


This is in Stark

This is in stark contrast to the accusations leveled at Muslims by other ideologues: Muslims are too dogmatic. In other words, Muslims are people who believe in something without knowing it. This word is uttered in the chapter of blame and not praise, to all Muslims. They think that Islam does not allow people to challenge what it says in the Qur’an. Those who make this statement are completely ignorant of religion. Had they read the Qur’an carefully, they would not have said so. Here is one example, where God says:


“Verily, in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of night and day, and the ships that sail through the sea (carrying) the benefits of mankind, and that which Allah sends down from the sky, He revives the earth with it. her death, and her scattering from all the beasts, and the turning of the winds and the clouds trained between heaven and earth; Indeed in that are signs for a people who use reason. ” (Bakara: 164)



This verse, as confirmed by Qur’anic commentators, encompasses all the sciences that man is proud of today. From Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Biology, Botany, Oceaonology, and Science Communication, Atronomy, Economics, and other disciplines that the researcher has to explore. Interestingly, when God had informed the reader of this verse of His creation, He said, “Indeed, there are signs for people who understand.” This means that if you understand, you will see what God claims to have created or created.


Source: Abba Sadik

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