The imbroglio of Mali’s military intervention against Democratic transition…

The imbroglio of Mali’s military intervention against Democratic transition…

The imbroglio of Mali's military intervention against Democratic transition...

Democracy means citizens to participate in the governance of their nation via regularly scheduled elections and every citizen has the right to vote or be voted for to represent his constituency or nation within the corridor of power.


Democracy has been the wheel to govern society since 508BC but the active mode and acceptability of the system globally has started in the 18&19centuries. Since then the Western Powers has been advocating the system in less developed nations of Africa, Latin America and Asia or rather pushing the system into the throat (as a bitter pill to swallow) of all the S/South nations forgetting the fact that the package is western or we can call it a westernize system of governance. This means that the system doesn’t look into the other side of the issues; environment, region, religion, culture and tradition as well as economic capacity, education and awareness especially at this time of modernity.


Had it been that the system is aware of the other parts of the globe that differs from Western culture and tradition, economic capacity, education and other issues; the global democracy may have been more acceptable and functional than its today; particularly in Africa and other S/South nations.


The military coup d’etat in one of the sixteen West African nations of Mali this week is a setback in African Democratic transition. Military coup d’etat was popular in Africa and other S/South nations in early 1960s to the year 2000. But from the year 2000 to date rarely to notice coup d’etat in developing nations. But factually speaking, the system fails to bring positive result within the S/South nations especially in Africa where poverty, illiteracy and diseases has been rampant and there are no solutions insight.


Stagflation has been the order of the day in Africa and other S/South nations. Economic aridity, insecurity, unproductive population, freedom of want, unemployment among the youths in those regions of the world.



The UN predicted that before the end of this century Africa’s population will be 40% of global population but 80% of global poverty will be in the continent due to unemployment and other negativity.



Also, experts predicted that by “2070 Sahel regions of Africa, India and Central America (Fareed Zakaria, 2020) will experience huge migration due to excessive heat as a result of climate change of which without air-conditioning no human can survive.


The current global warming in those areas “is only one percent but by 2070 will be 19% so, a billion people will migrate from those regions of the world to the other parts of the world. If measures are not taken; environmental degradation will break our planet that will make some parts of the world unhabitable due to unbearable weather that will hamper economic interplay among the nations of the world. This means that African economy will be in unpredictable shape and other countries may experience what happened in Mali.




What will be the way out?
To continue inshaAllah.
Abbati Bako, political analyst

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