What Is Longrich?: Bussiness Presentation (1)

What Is Longrich?: Bussiness Presentation (1)

Longrich is the largest and most advanced centre for the research, development, manufacture and sales of cosmetics and healthcare products in China, with their trade mark in 184 countries & products in over 50 countries of the world. The company’s visionary Chairman Zu Zhiwei is one of China’s top Entrepreneurs.

LONGRICH is a Multinational Company who distributes their products through Multi-Level Marketing using direct sales plan. Longrich provides a solid platform for distributors who are bound to succeed as long as they turn their dreams into persistent pursuits

What Is Longrich?: (Bussiness Presentation)


A. Longrich has wide and unique range of products. There is always a product for every member of the family irrespective of age or gender.
B. There is no compulsory monthly purchase in Longrich. You buy your products when you need to.

C. Longrich will never flush your hard earned points and force you to start all over. The same points you started with and accumulated over the years will still remain with you and help you go through ranks.
D. Registration is free. You can get a membership code free of charge. However, membership is validated with purchase of products.

E. No targets and No pressures. The only reason you will not be able to sleep as a Longrich partner is the thought of the potentials in Longrich. When you fully understand that you can get anything you want with the Longrich platform, you will have sleepless nights mapping out strategies to get them.

F. Longrich manufactures her products. This means, cost of manufacturing is reduced, hence a reduction in the overall cost of products. Show me one MLM company that manufactures her own products. We are in control too.

G. the Longrich business plan structure fosters teamwork. You can only succeed here if you are a team player. And team work makes the dream work!
H. No SSD (same status distributorship). Overtaking is allowed. If your downline overtakes you, the business structure is set to give you maximum benefits. You will not lose any bonus because your downline overtook you.

I. Personal Development. The skills I have acquired in the process of becoming a network marketing professional are enormous. I feel like I already have an MBA. I am a better manager and leader.

J. Opportunity to be a shareholder! This is the deal breaker for me. Irrespective of your qualifications, you can actually earn profit shares as A Star director! Please show me any MLM company that does this!
K. Legacy for the future. The only sector that has millionaire rich kids is the entertainment industry. Today, Longrich has joined that sector to have millionaire rich kids. You don’t have to be a Dangote to see millions in your Children’s accounts.

L. Products Efficacy and testimonies. This is another deal breaker. A company can try to match our business plan but cannot match the number of testimonies we get from Longrich products. They work and they work.
M. Longrich MLM is biggest in China: Some Network marketing companies can operate successfully in Nigeria with no record of existence in their country of origin. Longrich has its biggest market in its country of origin which is China

M.  Same points generated by you are paid for by the company, can qualify you for free trips, cars and still move you from one rank to another till star director level

where 2.5% of global sales of this 32 year old manufacturing multinational company are shared twice yearly to directors worldwide



What Is Longrich?: Bussiness Presentation (1)

As a member of longrich, you can make money from retailing their products. For example, if you are skilled in copy-writing and Facebook ads, you can set up a sales funnel to sell their products and you make good money. You can also make a lot of money from the networking plan.

These days, everyone needs more money right? If you can show them how to make money online from Longrich products and they tap into the opportunity, you will make money and by the time they start replicating the same process, they will make money as well.


Talking about referrals: Interestingly, you can just set up a sales funnel, run some Facebook ads and have people join the business even without meeting them physically. Secondly, if you have a website, you can do ” Search Engine Optimization” so that whenever anyone interested in Longrich business types in the keyword “Longrich” in Google‘s, they can stumble on your website.

Products Efficacy and testimonies. This is another deal breaker. A company can try to match our business plan but cannot match the number of testimonies we get from Longrich products



If you are reading this article right now then it’s more than likely you found me through Google search engine or just maybe through my current Facebook ads campaign. I only had to write this article once, as long as this website doesn’t go down, people will continue to find me and join my Longrich team (you can enjoy similar benefits).

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