From China: Chinese Farmers Use Modern Technology to Improve Their Lives

From China: Chinese Farmers Use Modern Technology to Improve Their Lives

From China: Chinese Farmers Use Modern Technology to Improve Their Lives

In recent years, farmers in China’s Fujian Province have used Internet-related technologies to sell Ti fruits and tea leaves, earning them more income and more opportunities. improve their quality of life.


It is now a time of abundant grapes in Saiqi, Ningde, Fujian Province. Every morning, Mrs. Chen Guilian and her family go to the vineyard to pick grapes. Then, every time she entered the park, Ms. Chen would start streaming videos of herself working live on the Internet, using her cell phone.


According to Ms. Chen, when she first started selling grapes, she once did this job in a shop, as well as trading in sari. She says it’s a difficult job, and her income is low. Eventually, she saw the potential for online shopping, so she started an online store to sell grapes. She even started posting videos to advertise her grapes. The event helped her sell grapes a lot.


“I now sell more grapes in one day than I sold a month ago. As the technology of online video marketing has developed in China, I have seen the opportunity to use this technology to show the public our vineyard, our environment, and the technologies that we use them to grow grapes and pick grapes. ”


Ms. Chen’s success in the wine business shows that the goal of developing online retail is helping farmers generate more income. Cai Longyu is an official from Saiqi, Madam Chen, who says more than 1,000 people live in the area.
“This e-commerce business has enabled us to create more jobs, help us grow our vineyard business, and generate more income for farmers. At this stage, we will be able to achieve the goal of developing the rural economy, and creating a better quality of life. ”


Fujian Province is one of the few places in China where good tea leaves are available, but in this area, there are more and more private farmers who grow and sell their own tea, rather than having other companies to take care of it. sales work. The incident made farmers unable to sell their produce at a reasonable price. Later, a man named Wang Mingxiu came to the scene, with a plan to rectify the situation.


“I came to this village six years ago, and then I set up this company to help grow tea and sell it, with the goal of reducing poverty.”
Mr. Wang’s strategy is to “sell tea leaves instead of tea leaves”, which means that people in different places will be encouraged to buy tea leaves, and they will be able to monitor the process. control Ti tea leaves by cell phone. In addition, tea farmers from 10 villages have been invited to partner with the company, where a comprehensive plan has been put in place to ensure the quality of the tea leaves produced.
According to Xiang Zhonghong, a local university, all the tea leaves in the area, which covers an area of ​​more than 2.5 square kilometers, are now equipped with surveillance equipment to process Ti tea leaves.


“All farmers will be able to participate in this process, where they will be able to use the platform we have set up, to sell their produce, and earn extra income.”
So far, the tea leaves produced in this area are gaining acceptance in various Chinese markets.

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